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Meet Our Squad

Professional Talent
You Can Count On

Alex Bardani Headshot_edited.jpg

General Manager
Alex Bardani, PGA

Alex is the key person responsible for the experience of our Members and Guests at Blackhawk. From golf operations to food & beverage and everything in between, Alex provides critical squad leadership. 

Prior to assuming the great task of opening Blackhawk Country Club and simultaneously managing Silo Point Country Club in 2022, Alex has worked at many of the iconic clubs in Fairfield, Westchester, and Suffolk Counties. Alex is a Class A PGA Professional and certified in Teaching and Coaching since 2016. Alex is available for golf lessons throughout the season.


Alex's philosophy is to use each golfers' unique learning style and skill set to achieve desired improvement and enjoyment of the game. He has worked with golfers of all skill levels, from scratch players, juniors, and brand new players starting the game.

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James Headshot_edited.jpg

Head Golf Professional
James McIntosh, PGA

James is a PGA and U.S. Kids Certified Professional from Stratford, Connecticut. Attending Bunnell High School, James became a competitive golfer as a teenager, with Oronoque Country Club as his home course. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, James started his PGA career in the Metropolitan Section of the PGA, where he took part in running one of the top Junior Academies in New England. Over the next 10 years, James held membership in the Northern California PGA section, the South Florida PGA section, the Metropolitan PGA section and now the Connecticut PGA section. 


Having experience teaching Junior Academies and Collegiate Athletes all over the country, James has enabled his teaching style to be absorbed simply by players of all levels and ages. His unique ability to inspire motivation and sculpt players games led to his selection as U.S. Kids Americas Top 50 Instructors award in 2020. As an instructor, James is adamant about enriching a player’s mental game while instilling the fundamental skills for on course success.

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Jordan Headshot_edited.jpg

Teaching Professional
Jordan Lintz, LPGA

Golf has been the major focus of Jordan's life for over 25 years. Whether it was Junior Golf, Collegiate Division I Golf or Professional Golf, she has the experience and knowledge to help you improve your game! 

Jordan has the ability to help you improve swing fundamentals and mechanics in every person at any level in order to increase consistency and repeatability. Having a solid foundation of posture, stance, balance and grip is the base for building and improving anyone's golf game!  With a solid foundation, scores will really come down quickly when you focus on the "Scoring Zone" of 100 yards and in. Chipping, pitch shots and putting fundamentals and knowing when to use them is the best way to shoot lower scores FAST!

2023 LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year award winner!


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